Ring ring

2:Hi. this is ____. Is ____ there?/I'm looking for ____.../Does ____ happen to be around?/etc.
1:yes. I'll go get him for you./No, I'm afraid not./I'm sorry, he's not here right now. (May I take a message.)
2:Thank you./Ok, will you please give him a message for me?/ OK, please tell him to call me when he gets in?/yes, please tell him____./No, thank you. I'll call back later.
1:OK, bye.
2:Thank you, bye./Have a nice day./etc.

That's how I do it. But what do I get?

old lady/boy/old man/parrot?:aarrr?
me:excuse me?
old lady/boy:arr rrr?
me:I'm sorry, can you say that again?
me:I'm sorry, he's not here right now...
ol/b:Where is he.
me:I'm not sure.
ol/b:How can you not know?
me:...He wasn't here when I got home... ..... .....Can I take a message?
ol/b:Tell him to call mhmnawn back.

Seriously. What the fuck!

I drank

And as such, am willing to post an entry.

Tiger will soon be dead. I've killed her. I've done it in several ways, now. She has cancer. Fibrosercoma, highly aggressive. It was most likely caused by one of the vaccinations that I took her to the vet to receive. I felt a lump back in January and waited until fucking the end of March to take her to the vet, then it was 2 more weeks for them to operate and it was, of course, no longer localized, so they didn't get it all. I took her into an oncologist yesterday for a consulation regarding the possibility of radiation theerapy. First of all, if I run the full gauntlet and she gets surgery one more time and radiation therapy and then chemo. she has a 50% chance of living 2-2.5 more years. Maybe more,...maybe less. If I do nothing, she probably has less than 6 months. I swear I would do it all if I could. If I went fo rit all it would run from $8,000-$10,000. They can't even operate again without doing a CT scan first and that by itself is $2000. And anything after that is about $2,000 more for anything to be done. And it would still only extend her life to maybe a year, if I'm lucky. So, I decided to do nothing. She still seems so ealthy. It hasn't spread to anywhere else, yet. I pretty much just waiting, now. It'll eventualy spread to her lungs and then she'll die.

It's like Christmas

I went to the mall to get new glasses because I saw an add for 2 pairs for $129. Of course they weren't going to be great ones and I didn't need them to be. I just wanted to buy a back-up pair of glasses for cheap. Anyway, my Mom came with me and I ended the day with dinner, a cell phone, a computer chair, a DVD, Mets tickets, and of course, no glasses. The guy at the mall was a dick and didn't want to give me a pair of glasses that "weren't right for me". He wanted to give me the correct lenses that would be $300. I didn't want the correct lenses, I wanted the crappy ones that would keep me from being blind if these break. Anyway, I didn't buy anything from that dick. I DID find a rack of old, digitally remastered kung fu DVD's, so I bought the original The Story of Drunken Master. We saw a Verizon shop and my Mom added me to her family plan (she's been asking me to get a phone for ears now, so she can call me at random) for $10/month. She didn't even have to buy a new phone, she had one from a few months ago that she was using as a phone-book. We went back to her apartment to get the charger and so I could visit. She fed me, of course, then she remembered that she got Mets tickets for donating blood so often, she didn't want them, so she gave them to me (I'll probably give them to my Dad to pass off to somebody). As we re-entered all of the phone numbers from my phone to hers, she decided that I shold take a nice leather conputer chair that her neighbors threw out. It has a small spot on the corner where they somehow melted it, otherwise, it fine. She had no need for it, nor much room, so now it's mine. I like hanging out with my Mom.